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Shoulder dislocation is a common condition in athletes. The shoulder dislocates anteriorly (most common) when the arm is pulled in abduction and external rotation. pancreas then produces little or no insulin.

The first time a shoulder dislocates, it tears the supporting structure called the labrum of the shoulder. This tear is called a Bankart tear. A tear in the labrum does not heal itself and hence patients have recurrent shoulder dislocations. If the shoulder dislocates often, the bankart tear size increases and then the socket bone also breaks. This is then called a Bony Bankart lesion.

A depression develops on the back of the humeral head as a result of the dislocation. This is called a Hill Sach's lesion. If left alone, 70 % of the shoulders will have recurrent dislocations when the arm goes in abduction and external rotation. In order to prevent shoulder dislocation, the best treatment is shoulder arthroscopy and bankart repair.

Dr. Chintan Desai is the best shoulder arthroscopy surgeon in mumbai. He is trained in the best techniques for shoulder arthroscopy and bankart repair. He performs the KNOTLESS BANKART REPAIR.

After repair, most patients resume normal activities in 3 - 4 months.


Frozen Shoulder is a condition which presents with shoulder pain and stiffness. Ofter patients with this condition suffer for many years. Patients with frozen shoulder have severe limitation in shoulder movements and activities of daily living is very difficult. Women especially face a lot of difficulties as they are unable to clasp and unclasp their bras behind their backs.

The capsule of the shoulder becomes tight and thick in frozen shoulder patients. In medical terms frozen shoulder is also known as adhesive capsulitis. The cause of stiffness is still largely unknown in frozen shoulders, however, there is an association with diabetes and hypothyroidism. The conservative modalities of treatment which involves physiotherapy, injections and pain killer medications take at least 1 to 2 years before patients get relief.

The newer modality of treatment which involves shoulder arthroscopy and capsular release. Dr. Chintan Desai is an expert in shoulder arthroscopy treatment modality and is the best shoulder arthroscopy surgeon in mumbai. He has performed this procedure on many patients and has achieved great results. Dr. Chintan Desai, with the help of shoulder arthroscopy resolves the shoulder stiffness and pain immediately and complete recovery takes only 7 days, which otherwise takes 1 - 2 years. Dr. Chintan Desai is the best frozen shoulder doctor in Mumbai.


Impingement is a shoulder condition where there is pain with overhead activities. It is also know as swimmer's shoulder.

The contact between the acromion process of the scapula and the greater tuberosity of the humerus come in contact with each other with overhead activities. This causes friction and inflammation of the sub-acromial bursa, causing pain.

This condition is ofter managed conservatively with a USG guided injection in the sub-acromial bursa. The pain and inflammation subsides and then with proper rehabilitation patients return back to sport. Dr. Chintan Desai is the best shoulder pain doctor surgeon who performs this injection procedure under ultrasound guidance.

In few cases, due to repeated friction, a sub-acromial bony spur develops. This causes repeated impingement. The treatment of this condition then required a shoulder arthroscopy and acromioplasty. Dr. Chintan Desai is the best shoulder doctor surgeon for shoulder arthroscopy and acromioplasty.


Rotator cuff tear is a very common problem. Rotator cuff muscles are

  1. Supraspinatus
  2. Infraspinatus
  3. Subscapularis
  4. Teres Minor

These muscles control the rotational movements of the shoulder and also contribute to the stability of the shoulder joint.

A tear in any of these muscle tendons is called a rotator cuff tear. The most common tendon torn among these is the supraspinatus.

The patients with supraspinatus tendon tears have difficulty in moving their shoulders overhead. These movements are often very painful. Night pains are also common. When completely torn, a drop arm sign is positive, where the patient has difficulty in maintaining his/her arm in the air and it drops under gravity. These patients often are unable to raise the arm at all.

The treatment of this problem ofter requires shoulder arthroscopy and rotator cuff repair.

Dr. Chintan Desai is the best shoulder arthroscopy doctor in mumbai to fix rotator cuff with shoulder arthroscopy. He performs this procedure under local anaesthesia (interscalene block) and the patient goes home on the same day. Dr. Chintan Desai is a fellowship trained shoulder arthroscopy surgeon performing with the best research proven techniques in shoulder arthroscopy and delivers the best results for his patients. He performs these procedures at prestigious hospitals in mumbai like Jaslok Hospital, Wockhardt Hospital, Global Hospital and Nirmala Hospital.


Shoulder arthritis is a condition where there is severe wear and tear in the shoulder joint. The cartilage is worn out. This causes shoulder stiffness and pain.

Shoulder joint arthritis is of two types. The first type, where the rotator cuff muscles are intact. The second type where the rotator cuff muscles are torn and are irreparable.

The treatment of shoulder arthritis requires shoulder replacement surgery.

Dr. Chintan Desai is the best shoulder replacement specialist surgeon. He is the first shoulder surgeon in India to perform the stemless total shoulder replacement surgery.

Dr. Chintan Desai also perform the reverse total shoulder replacement surgery which is necessary in patients with arthritis with massive rotator cuff tears.


Calcific tendonitis is the most painful shoulder condition. It can be as painful as migraine headaches.

Calcific deposits get deposited within small tears of the rotator cuff tendons. The deposits can become very large over time. Patients do not have pain when the calcification is stable. However, with sudden jerky movements if the calcification is irritated, then patients have sudden extreme shoulder pain.

Calcific tendonitis can be easily treated with a USG guided injection.

Dr. Chintan Desai performs a USG (ultrasonography) and punctures the calcification and breaks it with a needle and injects medication in the shoulder. Dr. Chintan Desai is the best shoulder doctor surgeon in mumbai doing this treatment.

Once this is done, patients experience immediate relief. The calcification (depending upon the severity) takes about 3 months to completely dissolve.

In very few cases the calcification becomes hard and does not dissolve with this treatment. In that case a shoulder arthroscopy and excision of the calcification is recommended. Dr. Chintan Desai is the best shoulder arthroscopy doctor surgeon.